Ohrid - The City of Light

The Legend says that whoever has once been in Ohrid, will surely be back again in this magnificent city. Why? Because the city on the shores of the legendary Lake Ohrid has something for everyone. Millenniums of history gathered in one place, hidden in every stone of the old town. Plenty of sunshine, bright skies, spectacular sunsets and pleasant nights. Cultural events, concerts, beaches, smiling and cheerful people.

Quiet and peaceful fore-season and relaxed after-party in September and October for the ones less active and not so enthusiastic about big crowds.

As Ohrid changes through time, one thing stands for thousands of years: its incomparable beauty and the special energy that glows from and around the city, gorgeous and fulfilling for anyone who feels it. Ohrid is not something one should be told about, Ohrid is something one should experience.

The young ones consume Ohrid at the beach with a cold drink or cocktail, lunch at one of the many restaurants and … after a little rest, rush into one of the many, crazy night parties besides the Lake. The all-night dance, followed by breakfast in the early morning, ends with going to bed at sunrise with a smile on the face … after all, everybody deserves a little break from those hectic nights.

The elder ones can have wonderful trips by boat and try one of the many local food specialties on the lakeshore or have long walks down the bay, accompanied by the graceful swans. In the afternoons they can explore the old town and dig into Ohrid’s stunning history. What about the evenings? Cultural events, theater shows, concerts or maybe discovering new points of interest throughout the city. “Getting lost in Ohrid” is a game in which you always win.

Ohrid is linked to the whole region and Europe by roads, highways and air, but to those who once were and are eager to return to Ohrid, the city is tied in a different, inseparable way.